Construction Service

Are you in search for a construction service?

If you have not called at G W Baxter Construction in Kokomo IN, you are not ready to get your project off the ground. We are the best construction service provider that offers reasonable quotes to our residential and commercial clients. We stick to the shortest deadlines as a result of our 11 years experience in the field. Our specialists use only high quality materials and supplies to perform a proper work and achieve outstanding results. Our subcontractors are skilled experts who have the necessary licenses and certificates for the industry.

Construction can be a challenging undertaking. As soon as you fix one issue, another one comes up. Instead of doing it on your own, you have to hire an insured professional in Kokomo IN to handle the problems for you. In our field, it will always be all about planning and paying attention to detail. As a leading remodeling contractor, we have the experience to claim that. Our construction services range from remodeling and maintenance to building new facilities. Regardless of how small or large your project is, we will take care of it for you. Even if you only need good flooring we are here ready to help.

Quality construction service can save you a lot of money for additional repairsWhether you have a residential or commercial assignment G W Baxter Construction, is always up to the task. We work with quality materials available at terrific prices, and our workmanship is highly professional. Not only do we build new homes, but we also take care of your existing constructions and fix them if they are damaged. There are different services incorporated under construction. There are also several types of contractors from lighting or plumbing to warehouse or storage. We offer a wide variety of residential services and one of them is construction service. We can work on your home exterior, interior, outbuilding and landscaping. When it comes to commercial construction, we can do parking lots and interior or exterior setup for both foundation and roofing work. We have a broad range of various materials including wood frames, bricks, stones and concrete.

When we provide you with our reasonable quote, it will not be just a quote, but it will be a promise that we are going to deliver the service you have expected without any hidden surprises, within budget and on time. Call G W Baxter Construction at (765) 776-1564 and you will immediately understand why our customers come back to us every time they need such type of services.